Client Survey for Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists

Has your pet been treated at Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists? Please take a moment to help us evaluate and improve the level of care we provide by completing this survey. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide your pet with specialty or emergency veterinary care. Your honest feedback is important to us.

Date Services Provided:

Veterinarian(s) who examined and/or cared for your pet:

How did you learn of our hospital or who referred you?

Was this your first visit to Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists? Yes No

This facility was clean and welcoming. Yes No

The front desk staff was courteous and efficient. Yes No

The nursing staff was knowledgeable and professional. Yes No

The staff was compassionate and attentive to my pet and to me.  Yes No

The veterinarian communicated effectively about the care and the treatment options available for my pet.  Yes No

The staff kept me informed with estimated and financial changes.  Yes No

How would you rate the value of services received? Excellent Good Fair Poor

Would you recommend Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists to a friend or relative?  Yes No

Please include any other comments here. Thank you again.