Internal Medicine

Get advanced veterinary care for cancer, diabetes and other serious conditions.

Your regular veterinarian diagnoses and treats many common health concerns, but when a more complicated or serious issue arises, you may be advised to seek the care of a specialist. The internal medicine team at Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists has the expertise you want for your beloved dog or cat.

Our internal medicine services include the diagnosis and treatment of:

  • Cancer, with the latest chemotherapy and other treatment options
  • Gastrointestinal diseases with endoscopic procedures for diagnosis and treatment
  • Upper and lower respiratory tract disease
  • Liver and pancreatic disease
  • Renal and urogenital disease
  • Endocrine diseases – diabetes mellitus, thyroid and adrenal disease, pituitary disorders, and others
  • Autoimmune, immune-mediated, and infectious diseases
  • Hematologic disease


Provided by Veterinary Cancer Specialists of New England
Andy Abbo, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVIM
Lisa Abbo, DVM, MS

For Oncology appointments, please call: 508-276-0836