Kate Westcott, DVM and Louisa Rahilly, DVM DACVECC

Canine polyarathropy is a common disease, particularly in tick endemic areas. There are multiple presentations and etiologies of this condition and the astute veterinary practitioner should always have an index of suspicion for polyarthropathy in systemically ill or febrile dogs. We should also keep in mind that not all polyarthropathies in our area are caused by Lyme disease! Canine arthropathies are initially classified into inflammatory vs. non-inflammatory conditions. Inflammatory conditions are further subdivided into infectious/septic and non-infectious etiologies. Finally, non-infectious arthropathies are divided into erosive vs. non-erosive processes. Canine immune-mediated polyarthropathy (IMPA) is an inflammatory, non-infectious, non-erosive disease process.

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