Blood Bank

Calling all canine heroes!


Did you know that pets need blood too? Just like in a human hospital, Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists treats patients that require life-saving blood transfusions on an almost daily basis.

CCVS has always maintained a blood bank consisting of donations from the healthy pets of our team members, but the demand for blood is increasing and our resources are limited.

Here at Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists, we’re committed to making sure our patients receive the best care possible, so we have opened our blood bank to the community. Donations collected through our blood bank will be used to save the lives of future CCVS patients!


Currently, CCVS is only accepting canine blood donations.

  • Between 1-8 years of age (new donors must be 7 or younger)
  • Lean body mass of 50lbs or greater
  • No prior medical conditions
  • Spayed or neuetered
  • Current on vaccines
  • Must be on year round heartworm and flea/tick preventative
  • No prior blood transfusions
  • Comfortable with handling by medical team

How to Donate

Screening Process

Before being approved for blood donation, your dog will have a physical exam with a veterinarian and blood work samples will be drawn to check your dog’s blood type, overall health, and screen for infectious diseases (including heartworm).

We will then send the blood work off to our laboratory for screening. If all donor criteria is met, we will call you to set up a donation time!

Donation Process

Once your pet’s donation appointment is scheduled, it’s time to start saving lives! We ask that dogs skip breakfast and spend the day with us. Feel free to drop off your dog before work and pick them up on your way home!

The donation process is very similar to human blood donation. For some pets, anti-anxiety medication is used to help avoid stress. Since our donors are furry, we’ll need to shave a small area on the neck over the jugular vein and then we’ll position your dog either sitting or lying down on their side (whichever is more comfortable for them!).

We then place the needle and collect about 1 pint of blood. This is enough to make two small units of packed red blood cells and two small units of fresh frozen plasma. That means your dog could potentially save four lives with every donation!

After the donation, we’ll get your pup feeling great with some fluids and a delicious meal! You may bring your own food for your pet or we will provide easily digestible food. Please let us know if your pet has any dietary restrictions or if you’d prefer us not to provide treats.

Beyond saving lives.

Your pet’s donation will come with more than just knowing they provided life-saving blood to pets in need! Additional benefits include:

  • Approximately $800+ worth of complimentary blood testing (including blood type, comprehensive panel, and blood-borne disease testing)
  • Free physical exam before each donation
    $50 credit on your account for each donation
  • Should your pet ever need a transfusion, they will receive free blood products equal to the number of donations they have given
  • A hero bandana & a goodie bag to take home

We want the donation process to be a positive one for you and your pet! Their participation is completely voluntary on your part. If at any time, you wish to stop participating in the program, please let us know and we will remove you from our donor list.

If we find that it is not in your pet’s best interest to be a donor, you will not be responsible for any of the costs incurred while screening your pet for eligibility.

We have two convenient locations.

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