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Thank you for your kind words & making Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists one of the highest-rated veterinary hospitals in Buzzards Bay and South Dennis!
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We recognize that clients have many options when selecting a veterinary hospital, so we feel honored when clients choose us to care for their beloved pets. We appreciate the many kind words and feedback we receive from our clients, they remind us of why we do what we do! The feedback also allows us to keep giving you and your pet the best possible service. If we have provided your pet with veterinary care, we’d like to hear from you too!

Thank you Dr Josh Zuckerman. My 70 pound 5 year old needed CCL surgery. Like many of you I am sure my, dogs are my family and I wanted the best outcome for her. The surgery went well but she had a mysterious flair up… her leg swelled and she was holding it up… I contacted Dr Zuckerman and he had me go to my local vet(Nantucket) for X-rays immediately….he was very concerned…and neither my vet nor Dr Zuckerman could see what the problem from the x-rays, so he wanted her to come back to CCVS ASAP ad arranged for me to see his wife who is also a vet. Everyone consulted and Fergie was put on antibiotics – and I am happy to say that Fergie is now back to running and playing at almost full capacity with the end of the month as our full capacity gaol. YAY! The reason that I write this is to express the concern and care Dr Zuckerman gave not only my dog but me as well. He gave me a number to call if I had any other question or worries and I did call… and got reassurance from him. He did a fabulous job on her surgery. the flair up was not his fault but I am very grateful to him for the care he took in setting her right. If your dog needs this surgery and you get Dr Zuckerman consider yourself lucky. He’s GREAT!

Beth M.

I recently had to rush my favorite cat Munch in to be euthanized after suffering 3 months with Sarcoma carcinoma of the mouth. I was inconsolable, but the staff and the drs helped me say goodbye in my own time. I was not rushed and treated with so much care. Then he was cleaned up and presented to me in a small white casket with flowers on top. I wish I had taken a picture but my grief was so great. I would rather remember him as he was below. 😪❤️🙏🏼 I cannot say enough about the way they took care of me , and Munch even after death.

Lori A.

Fantastic!! Staff was wonderful! Very caring, compassionate, personable. Our DVM was thorough, knowledgeable, efficient and easy to work with, since we had many questions. They took such good care of our sick dog and made a diagnosis that was right on for an emergency practice.
Deborah G.

This hospital and amazing staff saved my lily girls life. They gave her the best treatment after diagnosed with AHDS and worked with me financially after racking up an almost 5k dollar bill. Very resourceful and constant updates with photos as she was admitted for 2 days. All the staff was amazing but i especially want to give recognition to front desk staff Em J who was simply amazing and the doctor Emma as well as doctor Gu who went the extra mile to save my babygirl. I highly recommend this place for any dog needs or emergencies! Lily is back home and thriving because of you ALL.Thanks Again

Faylyn F.

During the hardest time in our, and our pets, life you were an amazing resource and made us feel extremely comfortable and educated about our dear pets condition (a condition that our local vet missed!). We had to put down our 12 year old dear pup and everything was explained to us and we were very comfortable with this very sad decision. We thank you immensely!

Jennifer D.

I have been bringing our family bulldogs to CCVS for 15 years. Dr. Beaver, Kate, and everyone treat you like family. All of them are just as kind. They are loving professionals who performed miracles on our family members Daisy and Lily. Miracles is the only word. Caring and loving people. Thank you all for helping our family members heal and live such happy lives. Thank you so much for helping our family for so many years.

Ken K.

I can not say enough about EVERYONE at the Cape Cod Vet Specialist in Buzzards Bay. I have a 4.7 pound Maltese Poodle who was very sick from eye infection that was antibiotic resistant the two first tries at our Vet in Eastham. Zara had not eaten in four days and now both eyes were infected. It was a weekend and I took her to Cape Cod Vet Specialist. I called ahead and when I got there I was greeted by the lovely staff who called triage immediately. Zara’s care, my care, compassion, excellent knowledge and a plan was clearly explained to me. Cost was explained to me. (If you do not have Pet insurance and you are reading this… stop and get it NOW!). I want to thank Dr. Blaine, Dr. ReHilly, Clark, Maggie, Olivia, Kate, Rebecca, Dr. Lee and countless others that took care of Zara for three days to nurse her back to health. They nursed me back to health and could not be more compassionate and proactive. DON’T GO ANYWHERE ELSE! We love you all.

Nancy G.

I would like to thank Dr. Bailin and the team that worked the Sunday 6/18/23 shift into Monday. We came in around midnight with a critically ill feline. The team was amazingly responsive, compassionate and went through every step and our options calmly and kindly. We appreciate the work you do and for the empathy you showed us during a very distressing time.
Kim E.

Our kitty who had been a sweet wonderful companion for 18 years was treated here with professionalism and compassion, explaining options and end of life care, making our decision so much easier to deal with ..

A first-rate facility for pet care.

Beverly D.

The care we have received for our labs is exceptional! The staff is professional and well-informed. They are helpful and compassionate, and we really can’t say enough of good things about them and the care they provide. We feel blessed to have our animals taken care of by them. Thank you to the staff for the difference you make every day!

Lynne B.

On our first day of vacation in Chatham our dog accidentally swallowed a naproxen pill. I immediately called cape cod vet specialists in a panic.. they advised me to call animal poison first and then bring her immediately to their hospital where I was greeted and Lina was taken immediately for assessment. At first she was ok but day 2 she began having GI bleeding that’s expected with this. She stayed 4 days in their care where they took the best care of her and called me with updates. I was informed of every step of her care and when I visited she had her little iv port attached but was otherwise so happy and in good spirits. This facility truly cares deeply for their animals and takes every precaution to save the animal and they’re so friendly and hospitable!!! So thankful we brought our Lina home safe and slowly back to good health!
Carla D.

My 6 year old Cavalier Spaniel has recovered from a serious operation for a torn ACL, with removing bone and adding a metal plate. Dr. Zuckerman was absolutely terrific, in his communication with me as well as his surgical skills. Having performed a great deal of surgery in the days before my retirement, I could appreciate Dr. Zuckerman’s work on my dog, who is a therapy dog now.
Standford H.

My foster dog had TTA surgery here on Halloween. Every visit has been great! The staff is kind and caring and the doctor is very nice and informative. Highly recommend!
Alison C.

I have a 3 year old Rotty mix and she’s had a lot of issues in her short life. She has a cardiologist at VCA & have attempted spaying her on two occasions with board certified surgeons and cardiologists assisting -$1000 dollars later, both attempts failed. Rosie is a patient at Shawme Animal Hospital in Sandwich and after one of their doctors lanced a tumor on Rosie’s head it got infected & I was forced to make an emergency visit to VCA & then made an appointment with Dr. Beaver at CCVS. Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists not only got Rosie in to be seen by Dr. Beaver, within a week a surgical appointment had been scheduled. The staff was professional, helpful and I thought compassionate regarding my concerns. They really went out of their way to work with Trupanion (Rosie’s insurer) and even if I didn’t have insurance (and not everything is covered) I thought the prices were very fair. After meeting with Dr. Beaver I was so impressed. He’s a board certified surgeon and he really took the time to familiarize himself with Rosie’s history and the tasks at hand. He not only was able to remove the tumor on her head, but he also spayed her which was something I thought could not be done. I was super worried, but the staff was very kind to both Rosie and I & of course I can’t thank Dr. Beaver enough. What a phenomenal doctor!
William G.

From the moment we walked through the doors of Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists with our dog Johnny, we felt an immediate sense of relief. The compassionate and attentive staff made us feel heard and understood, instantly easing our concerns. They approached Johnny’s rash with a meticulous and considerate approach, ensuring his comfort throughout the process. Their professionalism is evident, but what stood out to us even more was their genuine care and concern for every animal. It’s not just about addressing the issue at hand; it’s about treating each pet with the utmost love and respect. We are immensely grateful for their dedication and would recommend Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists to any pet owner in a heartbeat.

Evan C.

I would highly recommend them. The place is very clean and all the staff are caring and very nice. They def care for your animals they took such good care of my dog and I’m furever Grateful.
Melanie T.

On 21 July 2023 at 2202L our Yellow Lab Greta crossed the rainbow bridge on her own accord. Being late at night and not being able to get in touch with Pawisitve memories, we reached out to your facility to store Greta’s remains till morning. The two women working that night (I’m ashamed we didn’t get their names) were more than helpful and more than professional! They were accommodating, consoling, and handled Greta with the utmost dignity and respect. And maybe this is the standard, but to us it was clearly above and beyond the call of duty! Thank you and please pass on our utmost gratitude to those two great women!
Brian C.

I had to rush my 6-month-old puppy Axl in this week for being lethargic, vomiting, and having tremors. It frightened me so much. The people at CCVS in buzzards bay were fantastic and eased my worries. They have taken such good care of Axl, and he’s home and back to normal, thanks to these wonderful people.

Lori C.

I can’t tell how much I appreciate Dr Robin Karkunkel and the staff at Cape Cod Veterinary Specialist Buzzards Bay. My 135 lb. sweet girl Maggie had a Cervical abscess that needed surgery, a drain and constant monitoring as she was in terrible pain. The staff was absolutely amazing with the care and concern that they bestowed on her. From the answering service, the front desk, and clinicians I could not have asked for anything more. I traveled to the hospital from Easton Ma. to get their services weekly and I would travel twice as far to have the care that was administered to my sweet girl. Thanks so much!!!
Pat F.

If I could give this facility 10 stars I would! Had to bring 7 year old Newfoundland dog in Saturday night emergency with “bloat like” symptoms. From the moment we got there every staff member was completely caring and professional. Dr. Myrek was awesome with her diagnosis and explanation of xray. We had to return Sunday morning for repeat xray and staff and Dr. Lee were fantastic! They are completely transparent with costs upfront which I also think is so professional. If ever in need I highly recommend this facility and all who work there!

Diane M.

We unexpectedly had to put our cat down. We were scared and absolutely devastated. I cannot say enough about the compassion we and our cat received. The entire staff was absolutely amazing to us. I can’t possibly express my appreciation for the way the entire process was handled.
Paula C.

Great urgent, emergent and critical care! 24/7. Our dog was well cared for by the team there last October when she developed hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. She had surgery for a luxating patella 2 weeks ago. Post-op check today. We can’t say enough about her surgeon, Dr. Beaver and Melissa, Becky and all the others!
Kathy O.

I brought my cat, Luna, in for a consult due to her not walking on her leg. The service was top notch from driving in to the tech that came out to get her, to the Doctor, Dr. Beaver, to the checkout. AWESOME SERVICE! The doctor was very honest and caring. I would bring my cat there AGAIN!! Top-notch! Thank you!!
Nicole R.

It’s very hard to trust someone with your family members as much as you trust yourself. This is the only place I have been able to feel like they care as much as I do, and are honest and educated about it as well. In an emotional and life changing situation they were able to make it almost easy, if that’s even possible. To be given the option to feel like you did your best is the amazing gift they gave my family and my best friend, who I know was in the best hands possible there. Every single person in the building made him feel loved and taken care of, and made us feel that way too. ❤️A lot of people complain about money in the other reviews understandably, but you have to know going in they are giving you the best care on the spot, and honestly they cost less than my GP; no more at least which for what they do, I’d be willing to pay more if it meant I would get what they offer. Thank you guys, from Saber, Lady, and Remmie
Aubrey B.

Came in this afternoon with my senior bulldog, extremely nervous and unsure what was going on with her. However, I felt at ease the minute I walked in the door. I was greeted by the kindest lady at the front desk who immediately dropped what she was doing to attend to us. The wonderful care only continued from there with the sweet nurse who triaged her and Emily, the wonderful vet who treated her. The entire staff was knowledgeable and compassionate, making the whole situation much easier. Lucy is doing much better and happy to be home thanks to the wonderful care! My only wish is that we could come to Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists as our regular vet!
Kerrin S.

“I would highly recommend CCVS in an emergency the compassion and love they show for animals is second to none in my opinion. Each and everyone from the technicians to the doctors and even the reception you are made to feel welcome and supported. So thank you for all you do for our fur babies.”
Kathy F.

“Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists have provided great care to our dogs many times. I have found the staff to have always been very caring. It’s so good to know they are always available when you might need them.”
Cathy B.

My 12.5 year old Golden Retriever recently had surgery performed by surgeon Dr. Beaver here and the tumor was very large (2.2 pounds) -hepatocellular Carcinoma malignancy attached to her left liver lobe. This made the surgery a somewhat complicated / delicate surgery. I can not express enough my gratitude, thanks, respect and joy for the care she received every step of the way. This hospital and the staff were amazing. Everyone from the front desk, the vet tech’s and the folks doing the tests needed. Dr. Beaver is a 12 on a scale of 1-10! My pup is doing wonderful and is no longer in discomfort and acting so much better!! She has regained her spunk and play with her younger brother and is finally gaining weight as she was down to 64 pounds… Highly recommend this facility and Dr. Beaver!
Mara V.

Big thanks to Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists in Buzzards Bay for taking care of Eddie the past few days. From the bottom of my heart, thank you ❤️ Special thanks to Dr. Brandin for seeing him so quickly and coming up with a plan of action very promptly. The overnight technician Teddy was also awesome. I also spoke with two doctors after the overnight and they were great. Front desk ladies were so kind.
Tess F.

“CCVS are a highly skilled specialists. I highly recommend them for providing 24/7 care in critical cases. They are also active members of their community and are genuinely caring. They saved our cat in a near impossible survival circumstance. Our family and Christopherson thanks you!!”
Colleen K.

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