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Residency Program

Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists offers a comprehensive Emergency & Critical Care residency program.
Residency Program

Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists

Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists offers a comprehensive Emergency & Critical Care residency program. Residency programs are designed to give residents a strong clinical background in a clinical practice environment while maintaining an academic atmosphere. Aside from the DACVECC diplomates that are in direct support of CCVS’s program, other specialty Diplomates are very supportive of the program as well. Our objective is to successfully prepare candidates for the ACVECC board certification examination. General information regarding American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care approved residency programs as well as set standards and guidelines can be found here.

This is a three-year program that supports 4-6 ECC residents. Our mission is to create functional, board-eligible critical care doctors that practice a high standard of care in private practice and use critical thought when making medical decisions. In support of this activity, the CCVS residency works continuously to advance animal health and well-being by providing educational experiences both to and by residents, performing meaningful clinical research, and providing outstanding veterinary care. While striving towards this vision, we remain aware of the values that guide our mission. Central to these values is a drive for excellence, trust, respect, integrity, innovation, and compassion. These values represent the underlying standards and principles that we embrace collectively and individually.

An additional objective of this residency is to train residents as competent emergency surgeons. Residents are therefore trained in emergency surgery by ACVS Diplomates. Those with a preference for surgery are given more opportunities for experience, but all residents will receive supervised training.

To Apply-
Applicants must have completed an internship or have equivalent experience and be able to obtain a MA state license. We accept applications through the American Association of Veterinary Clinicians (AAVC) matching program, which is open from October through February. Detailed descriptions of our residency programs, application process, and contact information are available through the AAVC Directory of Internships and Residencies site at Through other times of the year, please submit inquiries to for further information and opportunities.


“CCVS gave me ideal preparation for life as a specialist. They provided the foundation I needed to sit and pass my board exam on the first attempt and gave me the skills and mentorship I needed to run my own department only months after finishing the program. CCVS has a residency that blends the rigors of private practice case volume with the same emphasis on learning and teaching found in many academic settings.”

-Matthew Turner, DVM, MSc, DACVECC
Head of Resuscitation & Critical Care
Pieper Veterinary, Middletown, CT